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Know Your Ships: Extra

We tried it, you liked it!


So many readers enjoyed the first edition of our new magazine Know Your Ships EXTRA (published last fall and shown at right) that we have decided to make it an annual publication.


The 2024 Extra will release this summer and will offer even more ship, sailor and industry stories, recent shipping news and many more of the stunning photos – current and historic – for which Know Your Ships has become known for the past 65 years.


This magazine is not meant to replace the regular Know Your Ships, but to complement it. Think of it as an expansion to the book, which comes out in March. Now you won’t have to wait a whole year for more of the Know Your Ships stories and photos you love so much.


Watch this page for more details on what will be included in the next Extra and how you can order your copy!

Got ship photos to share? Send them to

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