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If you are interested in carrying Know Your Ships merchandise, please call us at: 734-668-4734 or e-mail editor Roger LeLievre:

Retail Outlets

Know Your Ships is sold at many bookstores, gift shops and other retail outlets around the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway, including those that follow. Barnes & Noble carries Know Your Ships in some of their outlets and will special order. Click this link to view retail locations.


Photo Submissions

We are often asked about submitting pictures to Know Your Ships. Submissions are welcome, with the following criteria:


The deadline for photos is Dec. 1 for the following year's edition. We are looking for pictures of boats that were newsworthy during the year, such as renames or new boats (including salties), or photos taken at unusual angles and unusual locations.

Pictures should have been taken on sunny days (please observe this requirement), fairly close up and technically competent (not washed out or out of focus). Best thing to do is look in a Know Your Ships and see what kind of photos are there.

High resolution photos are needed - 3 MP or higher. Cell phone photos seldom produce the quality required unless they are set correctly to record larger, better-quality images (consult your owner's manual). You may submit pictures by email to (up to 12 MB per email), or stored on a CD / DVD / memory stick and mailed in. We will return the stick if you let us know you would like it back.

Please do not attempt to alter the images (reduce size, sharpen or color correct in Photoshop or other image-editing software). We will do that in accordance with the needs of the printer. Often many great images are cropped too tightly by the photographer, or the colors are oversaturated, making them unusable. While not necessary, it would be very helpful if you could rename each file with the name of the boat and the photographer's name, i.e. SYKES-John Smith. This makes them easier to locate and easier to give the appropriate credit.

Please remember that many people are submitting pictures and space in the book is limited. We get hundreds of images and cannot possibly use everything that gets sent in, however we do make every effort to use truly outstanding photos. Pictures not used will be kept on file for future consideration.

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